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Simply Comments was designed to address the biggest pain when writing report cards - comments. As the founder of Simply Comments, I have witnessed my father, brother, and wife spend far too much time finding, editing, and re-editing their report card comments. The majority of their time is spent flipping between programs, changing he/she and replacing the student's names. I quickly realized there is a simple way to fix this pain.

Save Time

With Simply Comments, you can save time by quickly finding the comments you are looking for, select if the student is Male or Female, and enter the student's name. Then start sending comments that edit themselves. You don't need to switch between programs either as you can send the comments from your smart phone or tablet. Imagine what happens if you save 5 seconds per comment, per student. You can also share your comments between users.

Save Money

Work is tiring, and the cure for fatigue is coffee, and coffee is expensive (well, for the starbuckers out there at least). If you don't have to spend as much time working, then you don't have to spend as much on coffee.

Try it now for free

It's free to sign up. We don't require a credit card or your first born child. Just your name and your email address. You can get everything setup and create your comment bank. Then send some comments to see how it will work with your report card system. Once you have reached your trial limit (30 sent comments), you can decide if you want to continue using Simply Comments.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these steps:

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